Calligraphy FAQ


What kinds of services do you provide?

  • We provide everything from handwritten poems to invitation design. Providing it is related to calligraphy, we’ll be happy to assist!


How long will it take to carry out my order?

  • Most commissions are carried out within 5 working days, but we can advise if you need it for a particular date. It is always best to book your work in advance to avoid disappointment.


What about mistakes? How many spares do you need?

  • We ask for 10-15% spares, so we can correct any mistakes we make. Plus any last minute additions to your guest list are usually covered, and saves you sending us spares.


Do you work with clients only in London?

  • Fortunately we can provide our services worldwide, our artwork is sent digitally and our stock can be couriered to most places in the world.


How do I make payment?

  • Easy, I will send you an invoice with order confirmation and payment instructions.




How do I send my guest/address list?

  • Via email, in Microsoft word or excel format. Please proof your list as I will write as I see it. It is always a good idea to send lists in alphabetical order, I will always return your stationery in the same order I receive it in the list.


What about delivery?

  • You are welcome to collect from the calligraphy studio, or alternatively dependent on your needs and location we can arrange a courier to collect and deliver on your day of choice.


Do you offer an express service?

  • Absolutely, we have been known to have orders with clients the same day. Subject to fee and availability.


Do I have ink colour options?

  • Certainly, all the calligraphy ink is mixed by hand and matched by eye. Black is usually most effective depending on your stationery. But we can advise if your not sure.




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