The Calligrapher

calligrapher london

Hello my name is Angelo Meola and I am the calligrapher, creative director and the self proclaimed tea-boy at the Calligraphy Co.

From a young age I was a perfectionist. My Mother recalls that each time I wrote an essay if I made a mistake I would restart the piece of work again as I hated making mistakes. Needless to say homework was rarely completed on time.

My calligraphy skills were picked up later on in life. Initially trained by a Master Scribe and then self-taught. Drills would include practicing the same letter for hours and days on end. To my knowledge I am the only calligrapher of my generation practicing calligraphy professionally in this country.

A few years laters and I have now gained a steady client base, ranging from title winning football clubs to private individuals, many of whom frequently comment on the beauty of the work.

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